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      June 22, 2018
      GENERAL* Anniversary Daily Login rewards can now be claimed on each character on an account.
      * Anniversary 2018 Cache now has a unique icon.
      * Characters are now required to purchase the magic wave emote from the emote UI before they can use it.
      * Removed errant Happy Anniversary banner that was half in-half out of a portal it really shouldn't have been.
      * Tweaked the Gatekeeper's Health to improve the encounter.
      * To prevent server load problems in the future, Agartha is now hard-capped at 100 players per instance. The soft-cap remains unchanged at 80 players.
      * Fixed 10 minute cooldown for The Gatekeeper reward not properly applying.
      * Fixed sometimes not getting loot from The Beehemoth.
      * Museum of the Occult - Custodial Anima Infuser is now available for purchase from Dr Caligari.

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