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      Ein bischen mehr zu Season 2 bei massively: massivelyop.com/2018/03/23/a-s…t-world-legends-season-2/

      Es wird u. a. eine Collector's Edition für 19.99 $ geben.

      Und: "When the season starts on April 4th, players will have access to the full zone that the story takes place in. It has the entirety of the story mission as well as a collection of side missions. What is there now, however, is not all that will be there; Amiel said that there are other main missions that will be added in and given to the NPCs (including one planned investigation mission). He didn’t give a time frame, but he stated that all of the fully voiced cutscenes are already completed — it’s the gameplay aspects that are lagging a bit behind. Those added missions may not even be the first additional content that is released after the start of Season 2; Amiel said other content (like new systems) are also in the works. But he hopes the new content will be quite soon, and he assured me that lots more is planned for after this release."

      Hm, er HOFFT also, dass es ncht zu lange dauern wird, bis die restlichen Missionen im Spel sein werden. Naja, die Hoffnung stirbt bekanntlich zuletzt. Also warten wir es ab.
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