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  • Auf das Addon hab ich ja gewartet ... endlich vernünftige Filtermöglichkeiten für die Gildenläden, inklusive Textfilter
    Beschreibung des Devs...
    This addon fixes some of the inconveniences the default guild store interface shows.
    • Guild switching can now be done like in the guild menu via clicking on the name and selecting a guild from the dropdown
    • As long as you are a member of your last selected guild, it will always open with that one instead of randomly changing guilds between visits
    • The search filters won't be reset during a session when you leave the store, in order to ease your life when you want to search for the same thing in multiple guild kiosks
    • Added a reset button to manually reset all filters
    • Added a start search button so that lazy people like me don't need to move the mouse to the bottom of the screen or have to press 'R'
    • Added a price and a level range slider so you can select them with mouse only
    • Added a quality range slider so you can search for more than one quality level
    • Replaced item category dropdown selection with buttons like in the inventory (subcategories are partially inspired by Advanced Filters)
    • Added loading overlay to better communicate when results are being received
    • Added item name quick filter which lets you search for a name on the current page
    More stuff will come along as long as the default interface annoys me.
    ps: grad mal getestet - er merkt sich auch die Settings von Gildenladen zu Gildenladen, auch mit Textfilter... man brauch dann immer nur direkt die Suche wieder starten und nicht alles neu einstellen