SWAPS - Swap Skills

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  • Swaps erlaubt es Actionbar-Konfigurationen als Presets zu speichern um sie schnell wieder zu laden wenn benötigt... das Laden geht natürlich nur außerhalb des Kampfes, wo auch manuelles wechseln nur möglich ist. Beschreibung des Devs...
    This AddOn allows you to save and manage your action bars into presets. You can manage all your presets via the Skills Window. Save time and countless hours by toggling between Tank modes, DPS modes, PVP setups, Healing, AOE Builds, etc. You name it!

    Saving a Preset:

    After you setup your action bar, click on the New Preset icon located in the top right. Give your preset a name, select an icon, and hit save. Your action bar skills will be saved into a preset and you can be loaded onto your hotbar anytime. (Must be out of combat)

    Loading a Preset:

    To load a preset of skills you made, open your Skills Window, scroll through the list of presets until you find the one you want. Click the Preset Name and you are all set.

    Key Bindings

    Bind presets to your favorite keyboard shortcut command.

    Edit/update a Preset:

    Click the settings icon next to the Preset Name. You can change the name, icon, and refresh the skill abilities to import your current hotbar.

    For more features, please donate!

    Version 2.1

    -- Fixed issue with Preset Settings panel on triple monitors. Settings panel now anchors to Skill Window instead of center of game

    -- Corrected minor spelling issues

    Version 2.0

    -- Now able to make an unlimited number of presets. Multiple presets can be selected by scrolling up and down.

    -- Added key bindings. First 5 presets can be bound in Key Bindings found in the Main Menu Settings

    -- Added feature to set Icons to Preset Names for quick selections

    -- Added a settings panel for individual presets