Azurah - Interface Enhanced

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  • Wer die Default UI mag, allerdings eventuell die Unitframes anders positionieren möchte (oder andere UI Elemente verschieben), dem hilft Azurah.

    Es könnte dann beispielsweise so aussehen ...

    Beschreibung des Devs...
    Azurah enhances the interface by providing additional information and customization options while maintaining most of the stock look and feel of the game's standard UI.
    Current Features:
    • Unlock the interface windows allowing them to be moved anywhere on the screen and scaled in size.
    • Set a minimum level of transparency for your attributes or have them show always.
    • Display text overlays showing your and your target's attributes.
    • Show an overlay displaying your current level of Ultimate power.
    • Colour the target's health bar, name and level by its reaction to you, or its expected difficulty.
    All of the above features include several options for personalization accessed froim the Settings menu under Azurah. Additonally the ability to unlock the interface for movement can be accessed via the chat window using the slash commands:

    /azurah unlock -- unlock the interface for movement
    /azurah lock -- relock the interface

    Intended future features:
    • Range indicator for distance to your current target
    • Player only buff list and 'proc' tracking.
    ...and probably more features to come.

    ps: per Default fügt Azurah den Frames noch Textanzeigen zu (HP als Wert und %, lässt sich aber alles abschalten)